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Tethered balloons

Panorama balloons for events and amusement parks

Hang loose and have fun! Tethered (captive) balloons are an attraction at exhibitions, events and amusement parks. A comfortable thrill is guaranteed for the guests. The balloons are anchored tightly to the ground via a steel cable and can be moved up and down noiselessly to a specific height using a cable winch. Once they get all the way up, the guests enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over the land and the people.

Once set up it can be used day and night

The balloons are inflated with helium and normally remain set up for an extended time at one location. Thus they can be immediately used day and night without an extensive set up process. Depending on the number of persons that should be lifted with the balloon, Ballonbau Wörner offers three different types of tethered (captive) balloons: the Double Flyer for max. 2 persons, the Skyswing Balloon for max. 8 persons and the Aero 30 for max. 30 persons.