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"Double Flyer" Tethered balloon

Lofty thrill at 75 meters for up to two persons

If you like to be up in the clouds, the "Double Flyer" tethered balloon offers the perfect opportunity to just dangle your legs, free-floating at 75 meters (250 ft). Up to two persons can comfortably sit in the parachute seats and enjoy the beautiful view over a landscape or a city. The balloon is anchored tightly to the ground via a steel cable. A cable winch moves it up and down.

Height: 75m
280, 380, 510
Persons: 1 - 2

Favorite attraction at exhibitions, festivals, and events

As a tethered (captive) balloon, the "Double Flyer" is an extraordinary attraction at exhibitions, festivals and events of any kind. It can be seen easily from a long distance, and also offers a perfect means of advertising. The surface of 200 m² on the balloon envelope can be individually designed, so that a logo or advertisement can hardly be missed. The impressive appearance of the balloon combined with your logo creates powerful, lasting attention to your brand.

Fast and easily set up using a practical "ready-to-use" system

It is especially fast and easy to install this attraction at your event. The practical "ready-to-use" system from Ballonbau Wörner consists of only one trailer, which contains the cable winch and can be simultaneously used as a fully equipped start and landing platform. Thus the "Double Flyer" can be easily installed in about one hour and set up at any desired location.

Do you have any questions about the design, use or certification of our "Double-Flyer" tethered balloons?
Find the answer in the „FAQ“ or get in touch with us now.

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Information on the "Double Flyer" tethered (captive) balloon:

  • Volume: 280, 380, 510 m³
  • Inflated with helium
  • Fully mobile, "ready-to-use" tethered (captive) balloon system
  • Light, extremely gastight balloon fabric
  • Approx. 200 m² advertising surface
  • Maximum 2 passengers
  • Max. flying height: 75 m (250 ft)
  • Installation time approx. 1 h




Technical FAQ
What sizes do you offer?

The DOUBLE FLYER is available in three sizes: 280 m³, 380 m³ and 510 m³ (10,000 to 18,000 cuft). All sizes can transport two passengers.

What are the dimensions of the 380 m³ (13,420 cuft) balloon?

Standing on the ground, the height of the balloon is 14 m (45.93 ft). Its diameter is about 9 m (29.53 ft), its circumference about 27 m (88.58 ft).

Is it possible to fill the balloon with hydrogen?

No, only helium is certified and safe.

What is the lifting capacity of 1 m³ helium?

1 m ³ Helium lifts 10 N ̴ 1 kg.

What is the lifting capacity of the 380 m³ (13,420 cuft) balloon?

The lifting capacity is about 270 kg.

How gastight is the balloon?

The low leakage of our special new balloon material is such that the balloon requires an average refilling of less than 15 m³ (530 cuft) per month, over the whole lifetime of the balloon.

What is the lifetime of the balloon?

Depending on the site and the operating frequency, the lifetime is about 5 – 7 years.

What advertising is possible?

It is possible to choose different colored fabric slices for each slice of the envelope. In addition to the printing/paintwork on the envelope, it is also possible to use flexible and removable banners to fulfill any specific operating requirements.

Operational FAQ
What are the requirements on the installation site?

The site should be free of obstacles higher than 3 m (9.84 ft) within a diameter of 40 m (131.23 ft). A centered funnel of 90° opening towards the sky must be completely free of obstacles. Eight restraint points, evenly distributed around the balloon, with a radius of 20 m (65.62 ft), must be freely accessible. The winch further requires a 3×380 V power supply.

How sensitive is the system with respect to wind speed?

The maximum wind speed for operation is 6 m/s.

Up to what wind speed can the balloon remain inflated while anchored to the ground?

Due to the special anchorage system, the DOUBLE FLYER can remain inflated up to a wind speed of about 60 km/h (17 m/s).

How long does the balloon stay inflated?

The balloon normally remains inflated for the whole duration of the event.

How long does it take to ascend and descend?

Flying up to a max. altitude of 40 – 75 m, 4 – 8 flying cycles per hour are possible.

What is the ascent and descent speed?

The ascent speed is 18m/min.
The descent speed is 18 m/min.

What is the maximum ascent altitude?

The balloon ascends to a maximum altitude of 75 m.

From what distance is the balloon visible?

In good weather, the balloon can be seen from a distance of 10 km.

How many passengers can be on board?

A maximum of 2 passengers, depending on the wind speed.

How many persons are necessary for supervision and support?

2 persons are necessary for operation. One of them operates the winch, the other secures the passengers in their seats. The members of staff require instruction by the manufacturer.

How safe is the system for the passengers?

Compliance with the safety limits is continuously controlled by an alarm system throughout the ascent. The operator is informed by means of a flashing light if the limits are exceeded. During the flight, the passengers can contact the operator via a radio system.

What licenses are required?

The operating license is to be issued by the local aviation authority.

Registrative FAQ
What certification is delivered with the balloon?

In Europe, the DOUBLE FLYER has a general license for commercial transport of passengers, issued by the European aviation agency EASA. The balloon is delivered with Certification of Airworthiness for registration in the respective countries. In some countries outside the EU, no certification is required.