About us

Design of gas balloons – specialized, experienced, market leader

The design of gas balloons has a long tradition in Augsburg. The Riedinger Ballonfabrik founded in 1897 by August Riedinger already produced gas balloons for the military. Ballonbau Wörner GmbH was formed in 1986 in Augsburg through the takeover of the balloon factory from Leonhard Stuttgart. Our special field is the manufacture of modern sport balloons, tethered (captive) balloons, airships and industrially used gas storage balloons.

Extensive experience, innovation, modern technology

In the meantime we supervise gas balloon projects worldwide and, with over 30 years of experience, we rank among the market leaders in the design, construction and certification of gas balloons of all types. Our high specialization yields technological top quality. Continual technical developments enable us to meet individual customer requests. We place a high value on the ideas and experience of our customers. These help us to purposefully target the improvement of our products.

Network of experts and high quality standards

To solve technically complex problems we work closely with technical universities, research institutes and engineering companies and also with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). As an internationally operating balloon manufacturer, we have the European certification for manufacture and maintenance of balloons.

The quality assurance system implemented in our company ensures permanent high quality standards and is continually audited by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Milestones of product development:


Synthetic fiber net with electrostatic discharge; Synthetic fabric of the envelope with 40% weight reduction


Lightweight basket for long-haul competition


Type Certification of the netless gas balloon for hydrogen and helium


Development of a tethered gas balloon for 30 passengers together with our partner company Aérophile


Type Certification of the DOUBLE FLYER for two passengers


Development of the SKYSWING BALLOON for eight passengers


Development of a welding machine for production of the envelope seams


Certification of translucent balloon fabric with 50% reduction of gas diffusion


Introducing internal illumination of the AERO 30


Introducing balloon fabrics for imprinting


Internal illumination of the AERO 30 made optional with laser technology or projector


Changing the volume of AERO 30 balloon envelope from 5500m³ up to 6100m³


Introducing LED banners


Manufacturing of airship fabrics


Certification of a lightweight basket with fabric walls for competitive flights


Ballonbau Wörner is relocating to new office and production facilities next to Augsburg Airport with effect from September 1, 2021.