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Airship envelopes

Advertisements on airships

They are the giants of the air: airships. Majestically they make their paths in the broad sky and everyone's gaze turns their way. This makes them ideal advertisement media for major events, such as large sports events or international exhibitions. They display the logo of a product in an impressive size and thus contribute to a lasting brand awareness.

gas tightness
Airship envelopes
up to 7200

The fabric from which airships are made

In cooperation with development companies and design proprietors, Ballonbau Wörner builds airship envelopes with a capacity of 7200 m³, for example. The envelope fabric developed by us is mainly characterized by an extremely high gas-tightness, tear strength, UV resistance and translucence. They meet maximum quality demands – a quality that is only available from us in this special type.

Professionals for the production of airship envelopes

Based on our longstanding experience in the design of large tethered (captive) balloons and through the continuous optimization of compositions for balloon fabric coatings, we produce airship envelopes that are optimally adapted to the special requirements of the operation. The high gas tightness of our fabric reduces the loss of gas from the airship envelope to a minimum and thus lowers the operating costs. Trust the expertise of experienced balloon builders: We provide you unique envelope fabric, which helps your airship to have a maximum of safety and cost-effectiveness.

Impressive advertisement on illuminated airships

Large area product advertisement can be realized impressively with digital printing directly onto the envelope or flexibly using banners. Advertisements on airships improve their impact during night flights. The brightly illuminated airship increases the attention for advertisement in the sky. Whether an advertisement banner with or without illumination: Ballonbau Wörner puts your advertising messages on airships impressively at the center of attention!

Do you have questions on the special features of our airship envelopes? We will be glad to give you detailed information. Just get in touch with us now.

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Information on airship envelopes:

  • Airship envelopes up to 7200 m³
  • Especially developed airship envelope fabric
  • High UV resistance
  • High tear strength
  • High compressive strength
  • Lower gas loss due to extreme gas tightness
  • Illumination of the airship body

Luftschiff WDL 1B