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Balloon 'Welt' Berlin
Balloon 'Sparkasse'
Gas storage balloon
Netless gas balloon
Hot air balloon
Gas storage balloon 'Quader Technoflex'
Balloon 'Paris'
Netless gas balloons
Balloon view on field
Airship envelope
Balloons in Cambodia
Airship envelope
Airship envelope in hangar
Netless gas balloons

Ballonbau Wörner Augsburg

Gas balloons for recreation, tourism and industry

Ballonbau Wörner in Augsburg, Germany started specializing in the design, construction and certification of gas balloons in a wide range of structural forms in 1986. We use our extensive experience, the continual development of materials and technology, as well as maximum precision in our production facility. The result is top quality high-tech products supplied to customers worldwide. In addition, we are one of the international market leaders for gas balloons.

Specializing in gas balloons for a wide range of application areas

For air sports we produce modern sport balloons (netless gas balloons), both for operation in clubs and for participation in international long-distance races. In the tourism branch our large tethered balloons are used, to provide a perspective of fascinating attractions different from what is seen every day. Design of airship envelopes rounds out our product range in the framework of LTA technology.

Gas storage balloons and custom components for the industry

A further production branch of our company is the manufacture of gas storage balloons. They are used for storage of a variety of gases in industry and research. Using our in-house developed balloon fabric we are able to meet a wide variety of requirements with regard to material. The material properties critical for the respective application, such as high tear strength, high gas tightness, temperature resistance, translucence and digital printability, can be optimally adapted in a wide range.