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Netless gas balloons / Sport balloons

Netless gas balloons for use in air sport events

Quiet, light and long in the air! Netless gas balloons are the front runner at all gas balloon competitions. They are a proprietary development of Ballonbau Wörner and are unique worldwide in this class. Since they are not dependent on a burner as are hot-air balloons, they run absolutely noiseless. Furthermore, they can stay in the air significantly longer than their "heated" balloon relations. The greatest advantage, however, is their low weight. They are filled with hydrogen or helium, equipped with only a very light balloon envelope made of extremely gastight fabric and without heavy net. The netless gas balloon can hardly be beaten in performance during recreational trips and competitions.

Without net
510, 640, 840 and 1000
Persons: 2 - 6

Fast setup and safe landings

Thanks to the netless design the balloon is set up and ready to start in only a short time and without the need for physical stress and manpower. The strength and time intensive hanging of sand bags from mesh to mesh, as is still the case with the classical balloons, is not necessary. A safe landing without frequent ground touches of the basket is made possible by the parachute valve that we developed. Precise handling of the parachute valve when releasing the lifting gas allows on-point landings, even on difficult landing spots.

Balloon baskets in woven design for two to six persons

The baskets for netless gas balloons are produced from rattan in a continuous woven design. This type of production makes it especially elastic and buffers it well from impacts during landing. The balloon baskets are also designed with impact absorbing, electrostatic conductive floor mats. Baskets for two to six passengers are available.

Baskets for competitive flights

Our lightweight wickerwork basket with a total weight of 58 kg for 4 persons has proven its worth over many years. This racing basket can, on request, be fitted with a bench and a rain canopy, providing optimal conditions for long-distance flights. This basket was upgraded in 2016. A particularly light basket with fabric walls for 2 persons is now available. The durable fabric covering and the systematic lightweight construction now result in a total weight of just 38 kg and the same amount of space as in the lightweight basket for four persons. Special aluminum honeycomb composite panels protect the occupants in the event of hard landings. A panel in the side wall folds down to form a flat area for persons up to 2.0 m (6'6") tall to lie down comfortably.

Financing of netless gas balloons via leasing partner

Purchasing a netless gas balloon always represents a large investment. Ballonbau Wörner also offers you financing of balloon projects from a special leasing partner. So that you can concentrate completely on ballooning, we provide you with contact to our best leasing partners. For heavenly travel pleasure and down-to-earth financing.

Do you have questions about the design, equipment or certification of netless gas balloons/sport balloons?
Find the answer in the „FAQ“ or get in touch with us now. We will be happy to help you.

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Information on sport balloons:

  • Volume: 510, 640, 840 and 1000 m³
  • Inflation approved for hydrogen and helium
  • Without net
  • Light, extremely gastight balloon fabric
  • Parachute valve
  • Baskets in woven design
  • Individual layout of the balloon envelope
  • Large variety of options




Technical FAQ
What sizes do you offer?

The NETLESS GASBALLON is available in five sizes: 510, 640, 840 and 1000 m³ (13,420 to 35,315 cuft).

What is the weight of the envelope?

The whole balloon weighs, depending on its size between 100 and 200 kg.

Is it possible to fill the balloon with hydrogen?

Due to the electrostatic material, the NETLESS GASBALLOON can be filled with helium and with hydrogen.

How gastight is the balloon?

The low leakage rate of our special new material is such that the balloon looses about 1l (0.04cuft) in 24 hours, per square meter of envelope surface.

What advertising is possible?

It is possible to choose different colored fabric gores for each gore of the envelope or to print and paint the envelope according to your special wishes.

Is it possible to equip the balloon with a full net?

Yes, a traditional type with net, valve and rip panel is also available.

Operational FAQ
How many passengers can be on board?

The number of passengers depends on the size of the basket. There are baskests for 2 persons up to 6 persons available.

What equipment is available?

The basic equipment contents: sandbags, trail rope 50 m (164 ft) long, trail rope bag, sandbag with shovel, canvas bags, leather upholstery of the basket rim, edge protection, bottom mat.

What equipment is available for competition flights?

You can get light envelope ropes, a light basket with bench and a rain protection for the basket.

Registrative FAQ
What certification is delivered with the balloon?

The NETLESS GASBALLOON is certified by the European aviation agency EASA and by the FAA. The balloon is delivered with a Certificate of Airworthiness for registration in the respective countries. In some countries outside the EU, no certification is required.